NANA is a creative social project. Six artists will plan a road-trip with the Expressions Nomades art-mobile-studio caravan, from Nantes to Naples. They will facilitate community art workshops while on their travels and also document it through their own creative practice.

This is a project about travelling, documentation and collaboration.


The workshops proposed are about storytelling and landscape through the angle of kamishibai.

The kamishibai is a paper theatre form from Japan. It is a kind of traveling theater where artists tell stories by scrolling images inside an open wooden briefcase, in front of the audience.

Originally, in Japan, a storyteller roamed the streets with his sets of illustrated boards that he or she placed in the miniature stage-like device (butai, in Japanese, literally : scene), at the back of a bike, and narrated the story by changing each image by him/herself, successively, putting them behind each others.

The « nanas » are interested in this ancestral technique because it offers multiple possibilities of collective creations. The narrative technique of kamishibai allows for experimentation collectively and jointly with the text and the image (like in an animating movie or illustrated book), the voice and the staging (object theatre/storytelling practice).

The “nanas” will facilitate workshop participants in creating and writing collective stories around the theme of journeys and landscapes before turning them into kamishibai boards. Each little story from each stop on the nana’s journey will make a big story. This one will be told at the end of the trip in Napoli.


NANA è un progetto sociale creativo. Sei artisti provenienti dalla Francia, Irlanda, Italia e Colombia organizzeranno un viaggio con Expressions Nomades, caravan art-mobile-studio, da Nantes (Francia) a Napoli (Italia). Essi faciliteranno laboratori artistici comunitari durante i loro viaggi e li documenteranno anche attraverso la loro pratica creativa.


Questo è un progetto che riguarda i viaggi, la documentazione e la collaborazione.


I laboratori proposti hanno come tema la narrazione e il paesaggio e sono collegati tra di loro attraverso l’uso del kamishibai.


Il kamishibai è una forma di teatro di carta dal Giappone. Si tratta di una sorta di teatro itinerante dove gli artisti raccontano storie facendo scorrere le immagini all'interno di una cartella di legno aperta, davanti al pubblico.


Originariamente, in Giappone, un narratore girava per le strade con i suoi set di tavole illustrate che metteva nel dispositivo in miniatura (butai, in giapponese, letteralmente: scena), sul retro di una bicicletta, e raccontava la storia cambiando ogni immagine da solo, successivamente, mettendole l'una dietro l'altra.


Le "NANA" sono interessate a questa tecnica ancestrale perché offre molteplici possibilità di creazione collettiva. La tecnica narrativa del kamishibai permette la sperimentazione collettiva e congiunta con il testo e l'immagine (come in un film d'animazione o in un libro illustrato), la voce e la messa in scena (oggetto teatrale/pratica di narrazione).


Le "NANA" faciliteranno i partecipanti al workshop nella creazione e nella scrittura di storie collettive sul tema dei viaggi e dei paesaggi prima di trasformarle in tavole kamishibai. Ogni piccola storia da ogni fermata del viaggio della nana farà una grande storia. Questo sarà raccontato alla fine del viaggio a Napoli. Il laboratorio si potrebbe tenere in inglese, in francese o in Italiano.


NANA est un projet social créatif. Six artistes de France, d'Irlande, d'Italie et de Colombie organiseront un voyage avec Expressions Nomades, et leur caravane atelier, de Nantes (France) à Naples (Italie). Ils animeront des ateliers d'art communautaire au cours de leurs voyages et les documenteront par le biais de leur pratique créative.


Il s'agit d'un projet sur le voyages, la documentation et la collaboration.


Les ateliers proposés mettent l'accent sur la narration et le paysage et sont reliés entre eux par l'utilisation du kamishibai.


Le kamishibai est un théâtre d’images en papier venant du Japon. C'est une sorte de théâtre ambulant où les artistes racontent des histoires en glissant les images à l'intérieur d'une petite valise en bois ouverte, devant le public.


A l'origine, au Japon, un narrateur se promenait dans les rues avec son jeu de planches illustrées qu'il mettait dans son théâtre miniature (butai, en japonais, littéralement : scène), à l'arrière d'une bicyclette, et racontait l'histoire en changeant chaque image par lui-même, puis en les mettant l'une derrière l'autre.


Les "NANAs" s'intéressent à cette technique ancestrale car elle offre de nombreuses possibilités de création collective. La technique narrative du kamishibai permet l'expérimentation collective et l'articulation avec le texte et l'image (comme dans un film d'animation ou un livre illustré), la voix et la mise en scène (objet théâtral / pratique narrative).


NANA" permettra aux participants à l'atelier de créer et d'écrire des histoires collectives sur les voyages et les paysages avant de les transformer en kamishibai. Chaque petite histoire de chaque étape du voyage fera une grande histoire. Elle sera mise en voix à la fin du voyage à Naples. Les ateliers pourront se faire en anglais, en français ou en italien.


Graduated from the fine art school of Nantes, Alexandra Vincent is a french visual artist having a pronounced fondness for artistic performance, in which she like experiment the border between speech and power, the link between language and fiction. She also work for choreographers project, and enrich her creative process by participating in differents voices practices and dance trainings.


Angela is an architect and visual artist. She has pursued a creative process mingling both, her passion for urban settings and the exploration of diverse mediums of expression. With the duo “The School of Losing Time” she won the first price of the LSE-CITIES contest ‘Designing the Urban Commons’ and did a project of participative narration of place called “Mirafiori in Mille Foglie” that was published in a volume called “45 gradi nord 7.65 gradi est Mirafiori Sud” (Pacini, 2017). Currently she is working on a co-creative artbook about urban expansion and finishing a PhD. in Urban Studies.


Anna is a mixed media artist from Ireland. She is currently based in Dublin where she graduated with a BDes (Hons) in Craft Design from the National College of Art & Design. She is fascinated with the therapeutic benefits of the arts and the positive impact they can have on our physical and mental health.

She has established many creative community initiatives including ‘My Art Deserves a Home’, a project responding to the homeless crisis in Ireland. She is currently working on a cross border project supported by the EU Peace Programme, promoting themes of diversity, equality and integration with teenagers living on the border between Ireland and Northern Ireland.

She has been awarded funding from the Design & Crafts Council of Ireland, the Thomas Dammann Junior Memorial Trust and the EU Peace IV Programme to enable her to continue her practice.


Lucia starts studying tourism and then her curiosity moved her vision into other fields. She always felt potential in a creative flow. She enjoys exploring the human senses through the photo-cinematographic language, visual state of things. She has worked as a photographer for a Social World Film Festival.


Pauline is a french artist and art activist.  

Her paintings, drawings, writings and photographs focus on keeping tracks of gestures, intentions and time. As an active member of the organization Expressions Nomades based in Nantes (France), she uses her interest in art brut and individual expression through art forms in general to work/experience it/ with children and promote popular education through art. She is currently working on a project for a psychiatric hospital on therapeutic and artistic mediation.



Sidonie Langagne is a multidisciplinary french artist. After a year in Valparaiso fine art school in Chile, she’s graduated from Nantes fine art school and receive a puppet teaching in the “théâtre aux mains nues” in France. She’s a community activist for a social art in the Expressions Nomades organization since 2011. Her artistic research is about landscape phenomenology.  


The project  'NaNa_ voyage from Nantes to Naples' has been awarded with the Cooperation Award from the Nantes Creative Generation Forum in 2017. 


As participants to the Nantes Creative Generation Forum in 2017, Expressions Nomades - NANTES , My Art Deserves A Home – DUBLIN and Losing the Threat: Knitting in Time – NAPLES  presented together the project 'NaNa_ voyage from Nantes to Naples' for the Cooperation Award offered by the Nantes Creative Generations. 

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