There are three main forces that merged in the selection on the name of our project:


1- We are six women artists!

NANA is a french word, from the common spoken language (familiar or slang), used to designate a young woman.


2- The road is embodied in our Name!

Departing from Nantes and arriving to Naples… Chance was that the cities where we will depart from (Nantes) and where we will  arrive to (Naples) constitute themselves a NaNa


3- Niki de Saint Phalle, il giardino dei Tarot/ The tarot Garden, and the Nanas


As if we were meant to meet, the line we drew on our map from Nantes to Naples, conducted us directly to a place that has been a life-time goal for each of us: il giardino dei Tarocchi. Niki, a great woman artist and explorer, innovative and creator of a great body of art through which she questioned the condition of women in art and life through her Nanas was indeed, another force that got imprinted in the name of our project.

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